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Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast

Jan 27, 2023

On our first episode of the year, we have a special guest - Davey Willett, the host of The Treksperts Quiz podcast. Mike and Johnson were contestants on a recently released episode, and decided to return the favor by having Davey as a guest on Deep Space Pride.

In addition to spending some time getting to know another Star Trek fan who's a member of the LGBTQ+ community - we chat about the 30th anniversary of Deep Space Nine and the two-part Season 1 finale of Prodigy, before we all drop by Deanna's office to share some life updates.

We recorded this episode earlier in January, and talk about Trektalks 2 which took place on Saturday, January 14th. You can still go to to donate to the Hollywood Food Coalition and also watch the replay of the telethon.

We also hope you'll go check out The Trekspert Quiz podcast which can be found all the places you listen to podcasts. You can follow the show on Instagram and Twitter @trekspertsquiz or go to You can find Davey on Instagram @dingodave84