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Deep Space Pride: A Gay Star Trek Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

Our hearts are broken by more gun violence against the LGBTQIA+ family with 5 lights being prematurely extinguished by a lone gunman at Club Q in Colorado Springs. We hope you'll join us in donating to a Go Fund Me page for the survivors, victims, and families at

This week, we chat about two more episodes of Prodigy - "All the World's a Stage" and "Crossroads" (and no we're not talking about the 2002 hit starring Britney Spears). From discussing TOS throwback references to Kate Mulgrew's nuanced contribution and performance to the show, we're enjoying the adventures of the Prodigy crew. But is there another extended break in the cards for season 1B of Prodigy?! We'll hopefully find out soon.

In addition to the episode review, we have forced sharing time - and talk about how the fear of failure (Crossroads' weekly moral lesson from Kate Mulgrew) may have shaped certain decision points in our lives. And if you listen long enough, you hear an interesting story about a massage experience Johnson had in China back in 2014.